The ModMyClassic Developers and Moderators are asked on a regular basis about donations. We appreciate our community and participants. Since it is so frequently requested, ModMyClassic has created a Paypal Donation and Patreon donation page, so our community can assist us with things like server costs.

All donation proceeds are used for covering monthly costs for ModMyClassic. Some funds may be used for buying each member of the team a celebratory cold beer. Any left over pennies will go into a slush fund to help fund equipment and tools to help the developers create more tools for the community.

Please, don’t feel compelled to donate! It is not our intention with the community to generate these proceeds. ModMyClassic is, and has been, a hobby. We build these tools for the community. For this, we don’t expect even a penny. However, if you feel compelled to help the ModMyClassic community, any size donation to the effort will be greatly appreciated.

Running Costs

Current monthly costs are approximately $150 USD. This covers our web server, cloud development server, GitLab CI/CD pipeline hours and increased 3rd party API support.

Benefits from donating

We have created a supporter rank and a private supporter lounge within our discord server. The supporter discord channel is exclusive for supporters, testers, the MMC team, and MMC developers. As a participate and supporter, you can discuss anything you want and have direct uninterrupted communication with the devs and team. Prototype test programs, ports and beta releases will be posted in the pre-release-lounge for supporters to try out before wide public release.

Participating at this level also helps us, by having some dedicated testing users. This allows us to soft-release things before they are released to thousands of people!

Any single donation of $5 or above will qualify you for the supporter rank needed to access the private supporter-lounge/pre-release-lounge. Please ensure if you wish to be given access the the supporter rank that when you make the donation you include your discord username in the donation message. If you wish to remain anonymous then don’t worry, and thank you!

(We process the paypal donations manually. Please bear with us as it’s not a 24/7 service. You can also message a member of the Team if your rank hasn’t been processed within 24 hours)

Please note, the discord admins (ModMyClassic team) reserve the right to remove supporter rank for any insubordination or breaking of the discord rules.

Lastly, and importantly….

Any software and support from ModMyClassic has and will always be free!

Many thanks


Update: Due to the recent lack of content being pushed out we have decided to close donations for the time being until things pick up again