Below is an always updating list of license’s for the software used in the BleemSync Project. While opensource software dictates that we must provide a license for software we use, distribute, and modify, it’s not 100% possible for us to keep this page up to date every day. We will start off by stating the following; BleemSync itself falls under GPLv3, we use components that fall under GPLv2, and the zLib license. Some of the components available through the BleemSync Project are also in the public domain.

Name Free/Non-Free License Source
libpng Free zlib
sdl2 Free zlib
sdl_mixer Free zlib
libmagic free GPL
libncurses free Here
Linux Kernel Free GPL v2 Explicit
ntfs_3g Free GPL
sqlite Free Public Domain
GNU nano free GPL
kexec free GPL
gdbus free GPL
mount_ntfs free APL
busybox free GPLv2 Explicit