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PlayStation Classic Boot Menu + RetroArch Christmas 2018 public BETA

Due to the efforts from CompCom and other members of the ModMyClassic community we are happy to announce the pre-release of the new PlayStation Boot Menu + RetroArch for this year’s Christmas holidays!

Whilst this pre-release is a working beta of a future development of BleemSync, we felt that you guys should be able to give a try and have some fun with it over the holidays.

Included in this pre-release is the Boot-Menu by CompCom, RetroArch for the PlayStation Classic and an initial batch of 91 cores. (Emulators) Please note that this is a pre-release of an upcoming module and development! This means that we are expecting some issues and shouldn’t be considered as a final release. This includes all of the 91 cores listed for the console, we haven’t had time to fully test or polish the builds for the PlayStation Classic but the majority should work absolutely fine.

Because of this, we ask you that you please notify us of any issues you encounter in our PlayStation Classic support channel in our discord here. We thank you in advance for your feedback and we will work on making improvements/fixes based on any feedback given to us.

Download Links

PSC Boot Menu + RetroArch Christmas Beta: Download Here

PSC RetroArch Cores: Download Here

PlayStation Classic Boot Menu ReadMe (How-To)

PSC Boot Menu v0.2 beta

The boot menu provides the user the ability to choose between launching RetroArch and BleemSync upon execution of the lolhack exploit. The boot menu is currently a pre-release of an upcoming BleemSync feature, but has been released as a standalone beta to allow users to play games using RetroArch over the holiday period. This release is bundled with a version of RetroArch compiled for the PlayStation Classic as well as the latest version of BleemSync with some slight edits. Also included in the bundle is a recompiled version of the PSC’s (pcsx) emulator, this version has the debug menu combination hard coded and is set to create a save state upon exit via the debug menu.

As this is a beta at this time RetroArch can only be run using the USB and will not have access to the system(stock) games. In future this will not be an issue but was done so at this stage to make this release as safe as possible.


1. Download and install BleemSync ( following all the instructions including formatting the USB drive as FAT32 or EXT4 and changing the label of the drive to SONY (This won’t be the case soon as it will be built into BleemSync!)

2. Extract the contents of the Boot Menu archive to the root of your USB flash drive overwriting any existing files.

3. Plug USB drive into PlayStation Classic and boot like normal.

4. Using the PlayStation Classic controller highlight the option you wish to launch and press X

Note: You must restart the system to swap between RetroArch and BleemSync. You must exit RetroArch using the Quit option in the menu (the power button on the console is disabled when running in RetroArch mode).


  • Libretro and all the contributors to RetroArch and it’s cores
  • DoctorDalek and all the contributors to BleemSync
  • Cyanic for the detailed breakdown on the power manager functionality on the PSC
  • ModMyClassic for hosting this release and the compiled RetroArch cores. As well providing constant community help and engagement.
  • MadMonkey, DanTheMan827, DoctorDalek, and everyone else responsible for the initial lolhack exploit

(How-To Videos from ModMyClassic Youtubers)