How to use Emulation Station

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Emulation Station (ES) is a front-end for Retroarch, giving you an attractive and highly customisable interface for a multitude of consoles. This popular, flexible, themeable, and open source front-end is now available for your Playstation Classic Console!

  • Highly Themeable and Customisable – ES has a large and dedicated userbase that has contributed dozens of themes. Don’t like the ones you find? You can even make your own.
  • Works with any controller – Plug in a USB controller and ES will detect and allow you to map it anyway you see fit.
  • Built in Scraper – Providing you have a compatible USB Wifi or ethernet adapter configured with your Console, you can use the UI to scrape from either GamesDB or Screenscraper to grab information for all of your games!
  • Emulationstation now comes bundled automatically with Project Eris.

How to use Emulationstation

  • Simply drop your rom files into the proper console folder in the ‘roms’ folder.
  • Ensure you have the proper Retroarch core for your chosen games by downloading them from the PSC core page and placing them in USB/project_eris/opt/retroarch/config/retroarch/cores/
  • Ensure you have the correct BIOS for any cores that require them and put them in USB:/project_eris/opt/retroarch/system. Some BIOS files need to be in a different folder inside /system, so read the libretro page associated with that core for more information.
  • When you connect your drive to your console, power on and open Emulationstation, the folder will be detected as a new console on the ES UI.