How to Upgrade Project Eris


Migrating from BleemSync or an older version of Project Eris

  • Backup your current Bleemsync USB drive somewhere safe. It’s recommended to also backup a copy to a cloud service such as a Google Drive. Physical copies get lost easily.
  • Download the Project Eris zip package.
  • Extract the package to your current Bleemsync or Project Eris USB drive. You should now have both a project_eris and bleemsync folder on your drive (overwrite files when asked).
  • Ensure your Console is unplugged from everything.
  • Connect your USB drive to your Console in controller port 2 (You should still be able to use OTG, and NTFS or exFAT drives if you wish) and reconnect power. HDMI is optional, but it is advised as the screen will provide progress updates during installation.
  • Switch on your console ensuring the power LED goes green, and Wait! You will now see the new Project Eris splash screen:

  • The system will now Migrate your Bleemsync installation to Project Eris’ new folder structure.
  • After migration, Project Eris will now make a backup if one does not exist from during the migration procedure.
  • The new Project Eris files will be installed to the console.
  • The new custom Kernel will be installed – the LEDs on your console will flash alternating red and green during installation, and you will see more progress updates.
  • After installation your console will reboot. After the reboot, you should see the new Project Eris Boot Menu!

What is transferred during migration? 

  • Your Backup files if they exist
  • Your System Settings
  • Bleemsync’s Media folder

What is not transferred during migration? 

  • Your Bleemsync Launchers or the Bleemsync/SUP/Launchers folder.

What about my games? 

Your games will not be affected since it uses the same “games” folder that Bleemsync used, and it will not be touched, overwritten or deleted. Your memory cards and save states will also be unaffected.