How Re-install Project Lunar after uninstall HakchiCE 3.7

For those of you having problems uninstalling HakchiCE 3.7 and re-installing Project Lunar, here’s a quick workaround:

  1. Open Hakchi, and select Kernel -> Advanced -> Boot recovery kernel from RAM
  2. Put the console in FEL mode.
  3. Wait for recovery kernel to boot.
  4. Select Tools -> Open Telnet client
  5. Log in as root and type the following commands:
    mkdir /tmp/nandf
    mount /dev/nandf /tmp/nandf
    rm /tmp/nandf/.rootfs_ro
    umount /tmp/nandf

  6. Select Tools -> Reboot. Click No at the prompt.
  7. Switch console off after it reboots.
  8. Install Project Lunar on to console.