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We currently provide content and support for the NES Classic, SNES Classic, Famicom Classic, Super Famicom Classic and the PlayStation Classic. We are also working on other platforms like the C64 Mini and NeoGeo Mini. To check out our modification hub for each available console click the button below!

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Hakchi 2 CE

BleemSync! (PlayStation Classic)

More tools to come soon, check back later!

ModMyClassic has it’s own discord channel set up exclusively for the community. We are currently approaching 5,000 members and growing day by day. Join in and say hello! We discuss anything and everything regarding classic consoles and also have dedicated support channels where you can get support from the team or the developers. See you there!

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ModMyClassic is also partnered up with Libretro to provide you with a full offering of RetroArch and it’s cores tailered for each of your classic consoles. There are approximately 100 different cores (emulators) available for the classic consoles and you are able to download nightly and stable builds of both RetroArch and the cores for each console in varying formats. To learn more about Libretro’s RetroArch click below to vist their site.

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echo10 is one of ModMyClassic’s official partners and offers numerous hardware modifications for different classic consoles. These hardware mods also include such things as the Super Storage mod (easy to solder micro SD expansion board for the (S)NESC). You can check out their hardware modification offerings on their website below.