Libretro Partnership

Libretro Partnership

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ModMyClassic is currently in works with a partnership with Libretro. Team Classic+ have been teaming up with libretro devs to create Libretro’s official Classic platform of RetroArch and cores.

This means that every single core (100 approx) is currently being hand vetted, optimized and fixed with the actual libretro devs to work at peek performance and stability directly from official sources. You will be able to download cores for your (S)NESC (or other classic) directly from libretro sources either on a nightly basis or with every stable build. The big benefit of this is not just having every available core, optimized and vetted by official sources. You will be able to download the latest builds of any of the 100 approx cores daily meaning that you can always grab the LATEST builds as soon as changes are made by Libretro.

This means no more special/multiple versions of the same cores or RetroArch. The Hakchi Mod Store will only provide official cores and RetroArch builds directly from libretro. They will be offered in Nightly and stable releases and in uncompressed and compressed formats. Any builds outside of the official libretro sources would be classed as out of date anyway due to the nightly builds.

RetroArch Neo formed the basis of Libretro’s Official (Hakchi) RetroArch and some big improvements and fixes will be included in the initial release.

We felt that by teaming up with Libretro to help them provide the one true official source of classic optimized cores would benefit the end user’s emulation experience and eliminate any confusion caused by having multiple builds of the same source code.

More information on this will follow. If you have questions just ask.

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