Mupen64Plus Next Core (N64 emulator)

Mupen64Plus Next Core (N64 emulator)

What Console does this run on? PlayStation Classic

What does it emulate? Nintendo 64


PlayStation Classic Mupen 64 Plus Next Core

Any BIOS files required:

  • N/A 

Core Info file:

display_name = "Nintendo - Nintendo 64 (Mupen64Plus-Next)"
authors = "m4xw|Hacktarux|Mupen64Plus Team"
supported_extensions = "n64|v64|z64|bin|u1|ndd"
corename = "Mupen64Plus-Next OpenGL"
manufacturer = "Nintendo"
categories = "Emulator"
systemname = "Nintendo 64"
systemid = "nintendo_64"
database = "Nintendo - Nintendo 64|Nintendo - Nintendo 64DD"
license = "GPLv2"
permissions = "dynarec_optional"
display_version = "1.0"
supports_no_game = "false"


Mod My Classic


Pollito Posted on11:33 pm - 20th February 2019

Whats the diferences between this version and the normal Mupen64plus version?

    admin Posted on10:13 pm - 3rd March 2019

    This build is a fair bit different and has been worked on by the libretro guys to improve performance and add some bugfixes

Zach Posted on9:41 pm - 12th June 2019

This core just keeps bumping me back to the Boot Menu. The original core works for me with certain games. But this one doesnt load any game I try. Any ideas??

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