Reicast Core (Dreamcast emulator)

Reicast Core (Dreamcast emulator)

What Console does this run on? PlayStation Classic

What does it emulate? Dreamcast


PlayStation Classic Reicast core

Any BIOS files required:

  • dc/dc_boot.bin
  • dc/dc_flash.bin

Core Info file:

display_name = "Sega - Dreamcast/NAOMI (Reicast)"
authors = "skmp|flyinghead"
supported_extensions = "chd|cdi|iso|elf|bin|cue|gdi|lst|zip|dat|7z"
corename = "Reicast"
manufacturer = "Sega"
categories = "Emulator"
systemname = "Sega Dreamcast"
systemid = "dreamcast"
database = "Sega - Dreamcast|Sega - NAOMI"
license = "GPLv2"
permissions = ""
display_version = "Git"
supports_no_game = "false"
firmware_count = 8
firmware0_desc = "dc_boot.bin (Dreamcast BIOS)"
firmware0_path = "dc/dc_boot.bin"
firmware0_opt = "false"
firmware1_desc = "dc_flash.bin (Date/Time/Language)"
firmware1_path = "dc/dc_flash.bin"
firmware1_opt = "false"
firmware2_desc = " (Naomi Bios from MAME)"
firmware2_path = "dc/"
firmware2_opt  = "true"
firmware3_desc = " (Naomi The House of the Dead 2 Bios from MAME)"
firmware3_path = "dc/"
firmware3_opt  = "true"
firmware4_desc = " (Naomi Ferrari F355 Challenge deluxe Bios from MAME)"
firmware4_path = "dc/"
firmware4_opt  = "true"
firmware5_desc = " (Naomi Ferrari F355 Challenge twin/deluxe Bios from MAME)"
firmware5_path = "dc/"
firmware5_opt  = "true"
firmware6_desc = " (Naomi Airline Pilots deluxe Bios from MAME)"
firmware6_path = "dc/"
firmware6_opt  = "true"
firmware7_desc = " (Atomiswave BIOS from MAME)"
firmware7_path = "dc/"
firmware7_opt  = "true"
notes = "(!) dc_boot.bin (md5): e10c53c2f8b90bab96ead2d368858623|(!) dc_flash.bin (md5): 0a93f7940c455905bea6e392dfde92a4|(!) (md5): eb4099aeb42ef089cfe94f8fe95e51f6|(!) (md5): 9c755171b222fb1f4e1439d5b709dbf1|(!) (md5): 5e83867c751f692a000afdf658dc181f|(!) (md5): f126d318f135f38ee377fef2acf08d7e|(!) (md5): 3f348c88af99a40fbd11fa435f28c69d|(!) (md5): 0ec5ae5b5a5c4959fa8b43fcf8687f7c"

Youtube How-To and Showcase:

Mod My Classic


Felipe Posted on2:50 am - 3rd March 2019

Thank you very much for this CORE. Today I happened to place the naomi bios in the DC folder, and add naomi roms like marvel vs capcom 2, snk vs capcom 2, incredibly workstation in classic playstation.Most roms give me error 01, I think it’s bios by naomi.

    admin Posted on10:03 pm - 3rd March 2019

    Naomi support for RA reicast is a new feature also the bios is very particular so this doesn’t suprise me!

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