(S)NESC FB Alpha Core

(S)NESC FB Alpha Core

What Console does this run on? SNESC and NESC

What does it emulate? Arcade (various)


(S)NESC FB Alpha Core

Any BIOS files required:

  • See below (special case)

Core Info file:

display_name = "Arcade (FB Alpha)"
authors = "Team FB Alpha"
supported_extensions = "zip|7z"
corename = "FB Alpha"
manufacturer = "Various"
categories = "Emulator"
systemname = "Arcade (various)"
systemid = "fb_alpha"
database = "FB Alpha - Arcade Games"
database_match_archive_member = "true"
license = "Non-commercial"
permissions = ""
display_version = "v0.2.97.44"
supports_no_game = "false"
notes = "(!) The BIOS files must be inside the ROM directory.|(!) You need a copy of neocdz.zip and neogeo.zip in your libretro system directory for neocd"



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