(S)NESC TyrQuake Core

(S)NESC TyrQuake Core

What Console does this run on? SNESC and NESC

What does it emulate? Quake 1 Game


(S)NESC TyrQuake Core

Any BIOS files required:

  • See below (special case)

Core Info file:

display_name = "Quake 1 (TyrQuake)"
authors = "Kevin Shanahan (Tyrann)"
supported_extensions = "pak"
corename = "TyrQuake"
manufacturer = "Id Software"
categories = "Game"
systemname = "Quake Game Engine"
systemid = "quake_1"
license = "GPLv2"
permissions = ""
display_version = "v0.62"
supports_no_game = "false"
database = "Quake1"
notes = "[i] Make those folders in the same directory:|[i] -id1 for the main game|[i] -hipnotic for the 1st mission pack|[i] -rogue for the 2nd mission pack|[i] -quoth for Quoth addon|[i] Put BGM into a subfolder named music in each of them."



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