Playstation Classic OTG – Latest news!

Playstation Classic OTG – Latest news!

Hey everybody!

We just wanted to give you some heads up on what’s up with OTG from the MMC Team.


What is this all about?

OTG is a way to dynamically switch between USB HOST and USB GADGET/PERIPHERAL. Usually this is done by the USB Driver in the Linux kernel. Unfortunately (but not unexpectedly) this was not activated per default in the PSC kernel. To our benefit, honeylab found a way to make Host mode work by recompiling the kernel. This includes a manual software switch at each boot. Additionally, everybody who wants to activate OTG needs to flash a custom built kernel.


Yes, but you already talked about this since 0.7 – why did it take so long?

Technically everything was clear to us very early. Besides that this is not a complete “OTG” implementation (as it includes mode switching in userspace), our main concern from the beginning was: What happens if anything gets corrupted during flashing? That was the reason why we first wanted to have another thing running: Backups!

With the continuous efforts of cyanic and bbsan we figured out how the original upgrade process (yeah, there’s an upgrade process) has been designed, so we can use it – both for flashing the new kernel, as well as for restoring backups that we have taken before. Those backups are now created at the first boot using the new payload and includes the normal FS and the RECOVERY FS. They are signed so they can only be restored on the PSC they were taken from.


What is still missing? When will you release?

Let’s say: We are working on the finishing touches. This also includes updates to the main Payload. There is no exact ETA – but we are planning to have it available at least by the end of the month.


Proof of concept video by developer bbsan

Mod My Classic

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Nice work!

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