SEGA Mega Drive / Genesis (Project Lunar) Hack Update Part 4

SEGA Mega Drive / Genesis (Project Lunar) Hack Update Part 4

RE-enabling Debug mode, re-implementing hidden features, hidden ROMs on consoles  (with complete rom listings for EUR/JPN/US), POC adding elements to Stock UI

Today’s update will be a mass dump of screenshots and one liners of things that were dumped on the discord as and when they were discovered. We have currently been working on rewritting aspects of the stock UI and injecting them back into M2Engage to re-enable some hidden features and things.

Full ROM lists for the JPN/EUR/US consoles

Turns out there are hidden roms on the JPN and EUR consoles! Full listings are below (We are still waiting to dump the ASIAN version) < These are the 50hz ROMs on the EU console. (Funnily enough if you changed the language to JPN for example, it will likely play the 60hz versions of the roms… < EU MD rom list < JP MD rom list < US MD rom list

Re-enabling DEMO mode

Turns out they left DEMO mode in there. Enabling it limits you to 10 games, deactivates automatic game demos, menus and save/loading.

Re-enabling DEBUG mode


Unfortunately (at least based on the dumps from day 1 retail units) the NAND is missing the main debug menu but enabling it still enables a bunch of other debug features. One of which shown above with the build datetime for M2engage and contents. There is also a bunch of button tests that show up with the pause menu when playing games.

Manipulating the UI/Adding more elements

Here we are setting the transparency for the pop up windows (Which IMO look a lot better with semi transparency!) and adding extra rows to the title select to allow for more elements. It turns out by default M2 hardcoded the UI to only allow a hardcoded number of titles on the title select screen. This is something we will need to patch out and most likely rewrite (because the code is somewhat crap) to allow a dynamic number of elements on the title screen. However as a POC this is promising stuff.

Re-enabling a bunch of hidden features (Jukebox, multiplayer, leaderboards, debug menu and more)

Pre-warning not a lot of this stuff is usable, atleast in the hacked in state which we re-enabled it however it’s fully navigatable and animated. Given some extra time and effort it is very possible to not just re-enable some of this stuff but maybe actually make it fully functional.

A lot of people asked what button combination this was. (It wasn’t one) We had to recode a bunch of the UI to re-enable it. Also there appears to be a SECRET_MENU. We ran out of time to look into it further but it seems to enable options to enable and toggle a SECRET WALLPAPER and 3D MODE FILTER. We have no idea if this works and we doubt the SECRET WALLPAPER asset still exists but it’s cool it’s there.

Oh there is a very strong indication that the port of M2engage used on the mini is based off the one used by M2 on their XBOX360+PS3 Classic Collection series as there is a LOT of the xbox 360 code still there.

That’s it for now. Hope you enjoyed this post


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YoshiAngemon Posted on8:14 pm - 9th October 2019

Boom Swah-Tee Oosh!

Martinboy Posted on1:00 pm - 10th October 2019

Yea switching the consoles region to JAP will allow you to play the JAP ROM. This is very typical M2, they have been doing this since the Sega Ages 2500 series on PS2. I think it’s a really neat feature 🙂

shitter Posted on7:41 am - 19th November 2019

I have ASIAN version. I can make dump

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