Now™ Project Lunar is in RC1 testing!

Now™ Project Lunar is in RC1 testing!

After effectively 3 months of non-stop work and sleepless nights, Project Lunar has officially hit 1.0.0 RC1! We will be providing Project Lunar 1.0 RC1 for closed public testing this Monday. (16 December 2019 (TODAY))

This closed public testing and early access will be made available to supporters of MMC and up to 10 other candidates. (more info below). We anticipate that the RC1 test period will last 2 weeks.

In the very unlikely scenario that there are no overwhelming reports of bugs, (Project Lunar is version 1.0.0 so we expect a few of them!) we will release the public 1.0 release to everyone early. This also means if there are a TON of issues during public testing that cannot be addressed during the two-week RC1 testing period, the RC1 testing period will be extended.

If you wish to be part of the additional 10 RC1 testers (on a once they are gone, they are gone basis) please react to announcement message in the MMC discord #lunar-news with the “Project Lunar” emoji. Those 10 people will be randomly and fairly selected this coming Wednesday.

We have had a team of over 30+ people testing the payload & desktop app builds over the last month and while the devs and testers feel the tool is stable, we are not able to account for every single permutation and scenario. There will be a period of bug fixes when PL hits shelves. Please remember this project is effectively only three months in the making!

With that said, we are happy with the outcome of the tool and nearly every feature we hoped for managed to make into the 1.0 release. We have a few more issues with additional features we are working out that we couldn’t fix in the timelines we have been aiming for and a few things that we decided to postpone till after 1.0 release, however, this list is minimal.

We want to be as transparent as possible, so along with this release and feature list, we will be clearly providing the caveats and shortcomings of Project Lunar 1.0 and our roadmap for the next release.

We would like to thank you all for your patience and support. We really hope that you will be able to enjoy our work and that you will be able to get some more enjoyment from your mini.

ModMyClassic + The Project Lunar Team

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