Project Lunar 1.0.0 has landed.

Project Lunar 1.0.0 has landed.

It’s been over 3 months of LONG days and nights but Project Lunar 1.0.0 is now officially live and available for all!

We know many of you would have wanted this release sooner but we wanted to ensure the first release was ready, and we could provide a safe and more-stable solution from the onset. (With a crap ton of features of course!)



With all of the hours of development and testing, does this mean 1.0.0 is bug free? Of course not! Is it safe? Absolutely. Is it stable? Yes. (…as long as it is used in the way that is expected!)

With 1 ½ months spent debugging, testing and 100+ people testing this release with 1000s of installs and uninstalls with no major fires we have covered a lot of ground… But, we are not able to cover every single permutation and possible installation scenario. Expect a bug or two to crop up with the public release.

Project 1.0.0 should be considered a Public BETA. Please set your expectations accordingly.

Now that is out the way… We are super happy with the outcome and while there is still a long way to go with Project Lunar, and more exciting features we wish to implement, we are glad we can finally share our work to the public.



We have archived and cleared the #sega-support channel in our discord in preparation for the masses of the questions and queries. PLEASE BEAR WITH US! It’s still the holidays and someone will try and respond to you as soon as they can.

Please ensure any support questions or general inquiries are posted in the #segasupport channel of the ModMyClassic discord so we can deal with it in one location. This is your best chance of getting help quicker!

Please also note that it’s 99% impossible to brick your console. If you blindly go crazy trying all manner of things, you might find yourself needing some more advanced help from the devs or testers. If this happens don’t panic. As stated previously, 99% of potential bug issues can be sorted. Bring your description of your problem and ask in the support channel. Wait patiently and someone will try and resolve your issue ASAP.

One final note, please read the FAQ and troubleshooting sections of the Project Lunar page as they will likely answer your question, before posting in the discord. We’ll try to document any further common topics as they arise.



Before you download Project Lunar, we highly recommend you read through the documentation and FAQs to ensure you fully understand how Project Lunar works. We have also provided a full feature run down which covers:

  • What is included in 1.0.0
  • What is NOT included in 1.0.0
  • What is planned/WIP for 1.1.0

Please read them here:

There are also a few initial tutorial videos which can be found below: 

Once you read the how-to documentation and are ready to proceed, you can find the download links here:



We would like to thank everyone for their patience and support while we have been slaving away on this project. We would also like to make a HUGE thank you to the supporters of ModMyClassic and Project Lunar.

We hope you have a great time with Project Lunar and have as much fun with it as we did making it for the community.

ModMyClassic + The Project Lunar team


Mod My Classic

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