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Project Lunar 1.1 Update news

As promised here is a bunch of screenshots and videos showcasing a bunch of features that have already been implemented within the 1.1 update.

**1.1 Features included and already implemented**
– Added native seamless folder and sub folder support
– Added fast boot option (If stock UI set to autoboot and fast boot enabled… Bypasses the autobooting screen on start up)
– Overhauled stock save system
– Added Save State optimisation (new & existing savestates will automatically optimise down to 50% of the size and are still compatible with stock systems)
– Added native delete save state feature in the start menu
– Added new built in error handling system for native UI + emulator. Any errors will generate on screen detailed error messages and automatically restart the UI
– Removed the Boot Menu and RetroArch “games” from the game view
– Added quit to boot menu key combo to stock UI. (Press start on UI and you will be asked if you want to quit to UI)
– Added extended and advanced option menus to stock UI
– Added BGM and sound effect volume adjustment. (You can adjust stock UI BGM and SFX volume in 25% increments 0-100%)
– Added snap to settings option (button combo to move cursor to settings button)
– Added full theme switching option (switch between JPN,EUR,US themes)
– Added UI controller de-bounce toggle (fix the double press sensitivity on menu)
– Added ability to switch default MD emulator (BlastEm, GenesisPlusGX, PicoDrive, M2Engage)
– Added run via RetroArch option (when game selected, press C to load with RetroArch)
– Added custom FPS counter for M2engage (different colour options available)
– Added debug menu option. (Secret key combo to display STDOUT/STDERR logs)
– Re-implemented M2Engage (stock emulator) SEGA Master System support (TBD if it will be ready for 1.1)
– Added folder selection screen to the stock UI
– Added verbose version information to the stock UI option menu
– Reworked the filter/overlay system for stock Emulator
– Rewrote the stock UI/Emulator to be multi threaded to load faster
– Rewrote asset handling and optimised cache handling within UI and Emulator for better performance
– Rewrote all the stock UI game handling code to now be fully dynamic instead of M2 hardcoded
– Rewrote a bunch of animation functions and cleaned up a bunch
– Rewrote a chunk of the UI code to run more efficiently giving more performance
– Fixed a M2 oversight which reloads the font assets every frame (60fps) on stock UI. Increasing performance
– Added on the fly .M decryption and decompression to volatile memory
– Added custom ModMyClassic library with function classes to allow developers to manipulate the stock UI easily. (Add your own popups, splash screens, UI menus etc)
– Added new and customisable full 720p backgrounds to stock emulator (added bundled, SOR, MegaDrive Neo BG and Project Lunar backgrounds) up to 3 custom slots available
– Added new and customisable overlay/filters to stock emulator (added bundled HD 720p scanlines and scanline+Glass filter) up to 3 custom slots available
– Added new and customisable bezels/frames to stock emulator (added SEGA Genesis, Mega Drive and NOMAD bezels) up to 3 custom slots available
– Fixed a ton of M2 bugs…
– Plus a whole bunch more

Videos: (Some of these videos I meant for internal review only and some of the videos I mistakenly recorded my music in so headphone warning just in case)

Random Screenshots:

Project Eris 0.9 Pre-Release is now live!

After a lot of requests and a long break, Project Eris, the spiritual successor to BleemSync/MMC PlayStation Classic reboot project is now live for pre-release testing! (Public release should follow within a week as long as there is no issues!)

What is Project ERIS?

Project ERIS is based on BleemSync 1.2/1.3 and underwent dramatic refactoring and cleanup. (Estimated about 80% of the scripts were refactored!) Project ERIS comes with a ton of new features, fixes, optimisations, ports, emulators, and much more!

The main purpose for Project ERIS is to be completely solution agnostic. This is to allow users/mods/developers to customise/build and develop their own deployments and mods. PE is fully functional out the box, however it now comes with a fully fledged mod system (same system as Project Lunar) which allows users to add and remove any additional ports/mods or apps wanted.

We hope that opening this up will allow for users or devs to add their own contributions and additions to benefit the community as a whole.

What is new in Project ERIS v BleemSync 1.2/1.3?

  • Dramatically improved and refactored the codeset and debloated
  • Consolidated, improved, and simplified install/update/usage
  • Dedicated Desktop App (*)
  • Huge number of stability fixes
  • Greatly reduced boot load times
  • All the Graphics and audio is overhauled
  • Emulation Station bundled (Properly configured and set up)
  • New .mod system (Same system as Project Lunar)
  • On Console Folder & Game manager (Manage your folders with an easy to use UI)
  • Proper Folder support with folders on stock UI
  • Added ability to launch different console games on the Stock UI
  • New kernel with number of fixes and improvements
  • New and improved fast kernel flashing system (FAT32 2nd USB stick no longer required to update Kernel.)
  • CIFS network mount support
  • Bluetooth support (generic $2-5 bluetooth adapter support)
  • Overhauled network support with improved wifi management UI
  • New Boot menu (like Project Lunar)
  • New latest RetroArch build with fixes and improvements
  • .CHD PCSX support
  • Optimised RA PCSX build (improved performance)
  • Automatic Drag n’ Drop system improved. Just add games to USB folder and go. (9000+ artwork, game and db included)
  • Extra additional controller support
  • Added customised rendering library to allow for extra port support
  • Plus more!

Ports, Apps, Mods galore!

As stated above, the main goal for Project Eris is to allow for users to customise and build their own ports and mods for the PlayStation Classic and make it as easy as possible. To kick start this initiative, we implemented our new .mod engine, rebooted some of our old port projects, and ported some new ones.

We are happy to announce the following line up of optional mods and ports available for PE as of first release:

Quake 3 Arena, OpenLara (Improved!), Enhanced OutRun, Diablo 1, Duke Nukem 3D, Half Life 1, Wolfenstein 3D, Wolfenstein 3D SOD, DraStic, PPSSPP Standalone (fully dedicated and featured PSP emulator)

Also currently in the pipeline, we are working on TWO advanced DOOM engines along with a BRUTAL DOOM counterpart, including a modified Brutal Doom mod specifically for console play and the amazing IDKFA soundtrack by Andrew Hulshult.

We also have a bunch of other ports being worked on, and we are working with other developers to get some more ports available. You can also check out all the source and examples of how the ports are put together at our Ports gitlab project here:

Project ERIS desktop app on it’s way!

We have teamed up with the talented pascl who created the desktop app pbPSCReAlpha who is currently working with us to form the new incarnation of the Project Eris Desktop App! We are very excited about this and happy to have him on the team. A lot of people wanted a dedicated desktop app for BleemSync originally and now we will have one specifically for Project Eris.

Whilst the desktop app will not be ready for release at the same time as the initial release of Project Eris, it’s currently being worked on as you read this and here are some WIP screenshots of it in action.

Things to note / pre-FAQ

  • BleemSync UI is NOT included by default as of the initial release of Project Eris. It will be supplied as a separate .mod package which you can install on to your console
  • When Project Eris is released, we will archive the old BleemSync page and redirect it to here
  • Project Eris WILL migrate your bleemsync USB sticks and on console modifications to PE format. Not EVERYTHING is/can migrate but what ever isn’t migrated will be left untouched on the USB for human intervention
  • FAT32 formatted sticks are NO longer supported! This is mostly to prevent data corruption. You ONLY require a FAT32 formatted stick if you are installing on a completely vanilla PlayStation Classic. (If you previously installed BleemSync on console, NTFS and exFAT drives should still work fine)
  • Custom Kernel is NO LONGER optional. There is an automatic fast kernel flashing routine built into the boot loader on the USB and will detect if you need to update your custom kernel or not and auto fast flash accordingly. It WON’T flash the custom kernel if there is no kernel backups present on the USB to prevent any issues. (Backups are automatically done first thing on boot if not present)


Looks great! Where/When can you get a copy?

Development for 0.9 is complete and has undergone unit testing. Project Eris is currently in Pre-Release testing (UAT) which should last a week. As long as there is no issues with the build it will be pushed publicly along with all the source for everyone to use.

You can ask questions or discuss the upcoming release at the #sony-lobby in the MMC discord here: