Project Lunar 1.1 Update news

Project Lunar 1.1 Update news

As promised here is a bunch of screenshots and videos showcasing a bunch of features that have already been implemented within the 1.1 update.

**1.1 Features included and already implemented**
– Added native seamless folder and sub folder support
– Added fast boot option (If stock UI set to autoboot and fast boot enabled… Bypasses the autobooting screen on start up)
– Overhauled stock save system
– Added Save State optimisation (new & existing savestates will automatically optimise down to 50% of the size and are still compatible with stock systems)
– Added native delete save state feature in the start menu
– Added new built in error handling system for native UI + emulator. Any errors will generate on screen detailed error messages and automatically restart the UI
– Removed the Boot Menu and RetroArch “games” from the game view
– Added quit to boot menu key combo to stock UI. (Press start on UI and you will be asked if you want to quit to UI)
– Added extended and advanced option menus to stock UI
– Added BGM and sound effect volume adjustment. (You can adjust stock UI BGM and SFX volume in 25% increments 0-100%)
– Added snap to settings option (button combo to move cursor to settings button)
– Added full theme switching option (switch between JPN,EUR,US themes)
– Added UI controller de-bounce toggle (fix the double press sensitivity on menu)
– Added ability to switch default MD emulator (BlastEm, GenesisPlusGX, PicoDrive, M2Engage)
– Added run via RetroArch option (when game selected, press C to load with RetroArch)
– Added custom FPS counter for M2engage (different colour options available)
– Added debug menu option. (Secret key combo to display STDOUT/STDERR logs)
– Re-implemented M2Engage (stock emulator) SEGA Master System support (TBD if it will be ready for 1.1)
– Added folder selection screen to the stock UI
– Added verbose version information to the stock UI option menu
– Reworked the filter/overlay system for stock Emulator
– Rewrote the stock UI/Emulator to be multi threaded to load faster
– Rewrote asset handling and optimised cache handling within UI and Emulator for better performance
– Rewrote all the stock UI game handling code to now be fully dynamic instead of M2 hardcoded
– Rewrote a bunch of animation functions and cleaned up a bunch
– Rewrote a chunk of the UI code to run more efficiently giving more performance
– Fixed a M2 oversight which reloads the font assets every frame (60fps) on stock UI. Increasing performance
– Added on the fly .M decryption and decompression to volatile memory
– Added custom ModMyClassic library with function classes to allow developers to manipulate the stock UI easily. (Add your own popups, splash screens, UI menus etc)
– Added new and customisable full 720p backgrounds to stock emulator (added bundled, SOR, MegaDrive Neo BG and Project Lunar backgrounds) up to 3 custom slots available
– Added new and customisable overlay/filters to stock emulator (added bundled HD 720p scanlines and scanline+Glass filter) up to 3 custom slots available
– Added new and customisable bezels/frames to stock emulator (added SEGA Genesis, Mega Drive and NOMAD bezels) up to 3 custom slots available
– Fixed a ton of M2 bugs…
– Plus a whole bunch more

Videos: (Some of these videos I meant for internal review only and some of the videos I mistakenly recorded my music in so headphone warning just in case)

Random Screenshots:

Mod My Classic

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