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AutoBleem, by Artur "Screemer" Jakubowicz, is an alternative to BleemSync/BootMenu.


  • Integrated simple Game Manager (that you can rename games, attach custom memory cards, block autobleem owerwritting game metadata and covers)
  • Integrated functionality to share memory cards between games
  • Separates games and it's save states into separate folders
  • AutoBleem does not need to run anything on the PC. Just copy games to usb dongle and plug it in.
  • Does not use any internet or usb connection
  • Overmounts portions of the PSC's filesystem to safely allow PCS modifications
  • Modifies the stock UI to show added games
  • Uses GAME NAMES as folders instead of numbered folders
  • Supports multi-disc games
  • Includes offline metadata and cover art databases - no download needed during sync
  • Runs on boot of the PlayStation Classic as it was designed to do so from the beginning
  • Intelligent algorithm is trying to "fix" missing files like .cue, unpack .ecm
  • Nice GUI that replaces need for BootMenu
  • Small footprint on USB drive as no .NET Core runtime needed
  • As written in native language for PlayStation Classic it is fast
  • Work with no issue with multitrack games (I had no problem with it)
  • Supports CUE/BIN and Not encrypted PBP (popstation created - PSN downloads will not work) file formats
  • Replaces BootMenu and Bleemsync..intergates with RetroArch sotware no need to run anything on the PC
  • Supports themes of both AutoBleem and Sony menu
  • configurable filter settings
  • Supports multi disc games
  • Makes your PlayStation Classic a great device