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Disk images filetypes[edit]

Extension Description
.cue Disc Description - names and describes the disc tracks. Comes with .bin files
.bin Disc Image, can be a single track (Data or Audio) or a whole disc - should comes with a .cue file
.bin.ecm Compressed Disc Image / Track. Can be uncompressed with unecm.
.ccd CloneCD Disc Image Info. Comes with .img and .sub files
.img Disc Image. Should comes with a .ccd file.
.sub CloneCD Subchannel Data File. Should comes with a .ccd and a .img files.
.iso Disc Image.
.chd Compressed Disc Image. Used with Mame (for Arcade games) and for emulation of disc-based consoles.
.pbp Compressed PlayStation 1 Disc Image. Used with Beetle PSX and PCSX ReARMed.

ROM filetypes[edit]

Extension Emulated System Libretro Core
.lnx Atari Lynx Handy, Beetle Handy
.ws Bandai WonderSwan Beetle Cygne
.wsc Bandai WonderSwan Color Beetle Cygne
.pce NEC PC-Engine TurboGrafx 16 / NEC SuperGrafx Beetle PCE FAST, Beetle SGX
.nes Nintendo Entertainment System / Famicom bnes, Emux NES, FCEUmm, Mesen, Nestopia UE, QuickNES
.fds Nintendo Famicom Disk System FCEUmmm, Mesen, Nestopia UE
.sfc Super Nintendo Entertainment System / Super Famicom bsnes, Snes9x
.n64 Nintendo 64 Mupen64Plus, Parallel-N64
.gb Nintendo Gameboy Emux GB, Gambatte, SameBoy, TGB Dual, Gearboy
.gbc Nintendo Gameboy Color Emux GB, Gambatte, SameBoy, TGB Dual, Gearboy
.gba Nintendo Gameboy Advance Beetle GBA, gpSP, Meteor, mGBA, VBA Next, VBA-M
.nds Nintendo DS DeSmuME, MelonDS
.sg Sega SG-1000 blueMSX
.sms Sega Master System Emux SMS, Gearsystem, Genesis Plus GX, PicoDrive
.gg Sega Game Gear Gearsystem, Genesis Plus GX
.md Sega Genesis / Sega Megadrive Genesis Plus GX, PicoDrive
.32x Sega 32X PicoDrive
.ngp SNK Neo Geo Pocket Beetle NeoPop
.ngc SNK Neo Geo Pocket Color Beetle NeoPop
.rom Misc BIOS and ROMs N/A
.bin Misc BIOS and ROMs N/A
.zip Compressed archive (Arcade or any console ROM) N/A


Some tools to manage disc images: