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On June 9, 2018, SNK announced the Neo Geo Mini, a miniature sized semi-portable arcade cabinet which features built-in 40 SNK titles, and was released on July 24, 2018 in Japan. The games on the system are the AES home console versions with limited continues, however the Neo Geo Mini features the save/load state system which allows players to save and load the game at anytime to continue the game and has up to 4 save files per game. The Neo Geo Mini also allows itself to be connected to a TV screen by connecting it with it's very own HDMI cable (sold separately), including a headphone jack and two ports for external Neo Geo Mini Pad controllers (also sold separately), which are the re-design of Neo Geo CD controllers, allows it to have two players play on the system at once. SNK also announces the Neo Geo Mini International Version which will be released outside of Japan, contains the same features as the Japanese Neo Geo Mini but with 14 out of 40 different titles and a different interface. As such, both versions have 54 different SNK titles in total.

In December 2018, a limited edition Christmas themed Neo Geo mini was released. A red Neo Geo Mini unit with two red control pads, power cable, an HDMI cable, two screen protectors, seven stickers and an anti slip cushion. This edition has 48 games, 9 of which were previously unreleased on the other two versions, as well as a mixture of games from both the existing releases.