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psxc_xpandr by u/kounch is a safe hack to expand and/or replace virtually games in a PlayStation Classic using an external USB drive, with no risk. Once you remove the USB drive and make a cold restart, the console works as if nothing was done. However, you have to create manually the directory structure and obtain manually all the files to add a new game (BIN, CUE, Cover Image PNG, Game Description INI, etc.).


  • Minimal modification of PlayStation Classic internal storage
  • Can keep or virtually replace the original installed games (loaded from USB drive instead or internal memory)
  • Can add new games (loaded also from USB)
  • Extracts automatically all of the needed files when used on a blank USB drive
  • Adds support for access to the console emulator menu using simultaneously the buttons `Select` and `Triangle` of a controller
  • Optionally compatible to play with two controllers, using a USB hub
  • Optional UI modifications support
  • Optional cheats support via cheatpops.db