Sega Genesis Mini

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Sega Genesis Mini
North American variant of the Sega Genesis/Mega Drive Mini
Also known as Mega Drive Mini
Developer Sega,M2
Manufacturer Sega
Type Dedicated console
Release date NA/EU: 2019-09-19}
AUS: 2019-10-05
JP: 2019-10-05
Retail availability 2017 - current
Introductory price US$79.99
Media Internal flash memory
Operating system Linux
System-on-chip used ZUIKI Z7213 (Allwinner A33)
CPU 4 × ARM Cortex-A7
Memory 256 MB of RAM
Storage 512 MB flash memory
Controller input Genesis 3 Button USB Controller, Retro-Bit Genesis Controller
Dimensions 110 mm × 40.5 mm × 133 mm (4.33 in × 1.59 in × 5.24 in)
European/Australian variant


Just a few days before the release of the console, hackers were able to diagnose entry points on the board and enable shell access via uart console. Shortly after they were able to get into a root shell and dump the kernel from the system.