THEC64 Mini

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THEC64 Mini
THEC64Mini logo.png
Developer Retro Games
Type Dedicated console
Release date EU: 2018-3-29
NA: 2018-10-9
Retail availability 2018 - current
Introductory price 79.99
Operating system Linux
System-on-chip used Allwinner A20
CPU 2 x ARM Cortex-A7
Memory 256 MB of DDR3 RAM
Storage 256 MB NAND flash memory (1st edition)
128 MB NAND flash memory (2nd edition)
Graphics Mali-400 MP2
Controller input 2 controller ports
Dimensions 250 mm × 50 mm × 200 mm (9.8 in × 2.0 in × 7.9 in)


THEC64 Mini is an emulator-based games console realised by Retro Games Ltd. which takes the form of a non-functional half-scale Commodore 64 keyboard with two USB and one HDMI attachments. The HDMI attachment can be used for connecting the machine to a screen, while the two USB ones are used to connect one or two THEC64 joysticks, which enable the user to use the included software (a game, the BASIC command prompt or the credits).