BleemSync 1.1 released!

BleemSync 1.1 released!

Thank you, everyone, for your patience!

We have finally arrived at the release of BleemSync 1.1.

BleemSync 1.1 brings a lot of changes to BleemSync. It brings the highly requested OTG Support as well as many “quality of life” improvements to the software.

The update includes the latest RetroArch release which is much more stable than the previous versions provided. As we now offer OTG support we have added a new method of game management as well allowing you to drag and drop games to the USB, as well as delete game folders straight from your USB.
Note: The BSUI is incompatible with OTG users and you cannot use the OTG adapter and the BSUI together.

Due to some personnel changes to the team, this update does not have all the promised features such as a desktop app or folder support. We apologize for that but still have those features planned for future updates.

BleemSync v1.1 Release Notes:


  • Added SSH support
  • Added OTG support
  • Added 3rd party controller support to Stock UI
  • Added texture filter toggle to stock PCSX emulator
  • Added status text to boot sequence
  • Added launcher to stock carousel
  • Updated xpad.ko for increased controller support
  • Added Kernel Backup/Restore functions
  • New transfer tool: On-USB-Drag’n’Drop
  • Reduced Theme Mounting load times
  • Fixed issue with extra discs displaying on pcsx “Disc Change” screen
  • RetroArch

  • Updated to 1.7.7
  • Fixed black screen bug
  • Bundled PCSX RetroArch core now supports .CHD files
  • Added compressed core support
  • Added glui driver menu
  • Added tool to generate RA playlists for external (usb) games
  • Added thumbnails to internal RA playlist
  • BootMenu

  • Added settings menu

Update Overview

OTG Support

BleemSync 1.1 provides an updated payload along with a custom kernel. Together these enable OTG Support for your console. Once installed properly you can plug your OTG adapter into the rear of the console USB connect your usb drive directly to the OTG adapter freeing up the front controller ports and bypassing the power issues of the console.

Backup/Restore Functionality

As BleemSync 1.1 installs a custom kernel to your system we have ensured to have a working backup and restore method. This will allow you to return your console to a stock state in the event you no longer wish to use BleemSync or you need to restore your console. These backups are created during the update please follow the install guides and stores them in a safe place (or multiple safe places).

Extended Controller Support

Controller support has been updated yet again to support more devices. 3rd party controllers can now also be used with the stock UI and stock emulator. This allows any compatible controller with the correct SDL2 mappings to work with these stock programs.
Note: On stock UI and stock emulator these controllers emulate the PSC controller thus analog sticks do not function correctly.

Launcher Support

We have now added launcher support to the stock UI. Launchers appear as game titles on the stock UI but allow for the execution of custom apps/games such as Drastic or OpenLara.
Please check out the readme located at USB:\bleemsync\etc\bleemsync\SUP\launchers\ for more information on creating your own custom launchers.

USB Game Management

Games can now be managed via the USB device for all users. This will allow you to drag and drop your games (in the supported formats) to a transfer folder on your USB, the rest of the game adding process has been automated. Games found in that folder will be automatically added to the stock carousel with information pulled from the internal database provided with BleemSync 1.1. Games can also be removed by simply deleting the appropriate game folder inside the USB:\games\ directory. This method of game management will allow OTG users to manage their games without the use of the BSUI.

RetroArch Updates

RetroArch has been updated to the latest version 1.7.7. This version of RetroArch is more stable than in the previous releases and fixes those freezing issues.
We have also added compressed core support to this update so those who wish to use the “Xtreme” variety of cores can now do so.
The bundled PCSX core has also been updated to the latest version which has .CHD support.

Lastly, an option has been added to the BleemSync settings to automatically generate a playlist for your added PSX games. With this enabled a RetroArch playlist will be generated consisting of all your added PSX games and thumbnails each boot. A big thanks to our friends over at libretro for all their hard work on this latest RetroArch version.
Note: Some users reported config problems while updating in the past as so this update WILL overwrite your global RetroArch .cfg.

Settings Menu

We have now added the ability to control the BleemSync settings right into the Boot Menu. Pressing L1 at the Boot Menu will open up the Settings Menu and allow you to configure your settings.
Please checkout the information of each variable at USB:\bleemsync\etc\bleemsync\CFG\bleemsync_cfg_DEFAULT.INI

As this is still in beta, the menu is very bare but in future updates, we will provide more detail in the menu on what each variable does to help you configure your experience much more easily.

A big thanks goes out to all the BleemSync developers for their hard work getting this release out.

You can read up on the full notes, see the latest tutorials and videos here.


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Jonathan Warford Posted on2:16 am - 7th July 2019

I have tried the download link and it will not load for me.

    Viral DNA Posted on6:27 am - 18th August 2019

    Hi Jonathan, what won’t load for you, the link? or BleemSync?

    Please join our Discord Channel for support as these comments are not checked regularly.

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