DraStic PSC Port (Standalone Nintendo DS port)

DraStic PSC Port (Standalone Nintendo DS port)

Provided with many thanks by Exophase ([email protected]) and xperia

Please see drastic_readme.txt for full credits and changelogs

What is DraStic?

DraStic is a full speed, fully featured standalone Nintendo DS emulator where you can run Nintendo DS games on your PlayStation Classic.

Where do the BIOS Files go?
The NDS BIOS files are not needed, except if you need to play encrypted roms.
The optional NDS BIOS files should be installed in the following directory:

BIOS files must be named as follows:

  • nds_bios_arm7.bin
  • nds_bios_arm9.bin
  • nds_firmware.bin

Default Menu Controls:

  • Circle/B – Select
  • Cross/A – Back
  • In-Game Menu Controls
  • L2 – Menu

Download the Playstation Classic port of DraStic here.

How to use tutorial

Playstation Classic Port by:

Mod My Classic

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phil Posted on4:20 am - 29th June 2019

thanks for making the effort to play classic games from the DS system and being able to port them over to the Playstation classic to bring back the fun times and memories when those games were released. Top Stuff guys.

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