OpenLara PSC Port (Standalone Classic Tomb Raider engine)

OpenLara by XProger, Port by ModMyClassic

OpenLara Website

This is a port of OpenLara for the PlayStation Classic. Currently it’s only designed to work with the new launching system with BleemSync 1.1 and up.

OpenLara is a High Definition classic Tomb Raider engine which also supports a bunch of new cool features like VR, 1st person and splitscreen co-op gameplay.

OpenLara is still in active development and currently only fully supports Tomb Raider 1 with more game support on it’s way.

How to use

  1. Install entire psc_openlara folder to /media/bleemsync/etc/bleemsync/SUP/launchers
  2. You need to copy your Tomb Raider 1 Game Data and Audio data to the root of the port directory. (for example the PSX version:)





  1. (optional) Copy the High res ogg Audio files to the root of the port directory.




  1. Once you have extracted your game data to the port you should end up with something like:




(optional) USB:/bleemsync/etc/bleemsync/SUP/launchers/OpenLara/audio/*.ogg

  1. Launch the game from your PSC carousel menu and have fun!

Download the Playstation Classic port of OpenLara here.

How to use Tutorial

Playstation Classic Port by:

DraStic PSC Port (Standalone Nintendo DS port)

Provided with many thanks by Exophase ([email protected]) and xperia

Please see drastic_readme.txt for full credits and changelogs

What is DraStic?

DraStic is a full speed, fully featured standalone Nintendo DS emulator where you can run Nintendo DS games on your PlayStation Classic.

Where do the BIOS Files go?
The NDS BIOS files are not needed, except if you need to play encrypted roms.
The optional NDS BIOS files should be installed in the following directory:

BIOS files must be named as follows:

  • nds_bios_arm7.bin
  • nds_bios_arm9.bin
  • nds_firmware.bin

Default Menu Controls:

  • Circle/B – Select
  • Cross/A – Back
  • In-Game Menu Controls
  • L2 – Menu

Download the Playstation Classic port of DraStic here.

How to use tutorial

Playstation Classic Port by: