BleemSync 1.2 released!

BleemSync 1.2 released!

Thank you, everyone, for your continued support of this project.

BleemSync 1.2 only provides a couple of new features however they are two of the most requested features so we hope you enjoy them. The two new features in BleemSync are network and folder support. In addition to these features we have also added an on-console Game Manager app to allow for easy editing of game information as well as updated RetroArch to the latest 1.7.8.


BleemSync v1.2 Release Notes:

  • Added Network support
  • Added Folder support with on-console Folder app
  • Added on-console Game Manager app
  • Fixed issues with transfer tool and pbp files
  • Improved transfer tool serial identification
  • Fixed issue with RetroArch playlist generator
  • Fixed stock emulator multi-disc launching issue
  • Added new settings variables to web UI


  • Updated to 1.7.8
  • Updated bundled pcsx core to latest version


  • Added new settings variables
  • Modified settings menu to dynamically load modifiable variables from file


Update Overview

Folder Support

The long awaited Folder Support has finally been implemented. Folders can be created and managed solely using an app on the console. The app is used both as a folder launcher as well as a manager and has the ability to add both stock and external games to a folder. Future updates will include the ability to generate launchers for each folder as well as add launchers to folders.

Network Support

This update also brings networking support for a limited number of ethernet and Wi-Fi adapters. With networking you will be able to update RetroArch cores/assets. You will also be able to play certain Multiplayer Games with friends via the internet. Networking is disabled by default and must be enabled via the Settings Menu or Config. More information for setting up networking can be found here.

On-Console Game Manager

An on-console Game Manager app has also been included in this update. This Game Manager gives you the ability to edit Game Information and even remove games from the console itself without connecting to a PC.

Misc. Fixes

The reported issues with the transfer tool and playlist generator have been fixed. The transfer tool’s accuracy has also been improved and should now correctly identify more than 90% of PSX games. The game database used by the transfer tool has had some duplicate entries removed and some incorrect entries fixed as well. The stock emulator bug with launching multi-disc games has also been fixed.

RetroArch Updates

RetroArch has been updated to the latest version 1.7.8. For more information on the changes that this release brings please see the release posts on the libretro website.


A big thanks goes out to all the BleemSync developers for their hard work getting this release out.

You can read up on the full notes, see the latest tutorials and videos here.

Bonus sneak peek of upcoming BleemSync release:



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