Theme Competition Rules & Information

Designed to inspire and reward!

In celebration of the recent release of BleemSync 1.1, as well as surpassing 10,000 users on our Discord Channel, ModMyClassic (MMC) is holding a themes competition. Send in your custom theme for any of the following classics systems; NES, SNES, PlayStation Classic for a chance to win some great prizes!

Get votes, Win prizes!

Submissions will be posted in the #competition channel of our Discord and you, the community, gets to decide who wins by voting for your favorite submissions there!

There will be prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd places. Just head over to our discord channel and simply react (Click the Heart below the submission) to the ones you like the most. At the end of the competitions close the (3) submissions in each category with the most votes will win. Only votes (Reactions) in the #competition channel will count.

In the event there are no submissions for any given category, or fewer then (3) in any given category we may award those prizes to categories with more submissions, or simply retain them for a future competition we will be announcing at a later date.

Users may make multiple submissions in each category, but are limited to 1 prize per person, regardless of the number of submissions, or votes received. Users may also submit themes already created and released, but must be the original creator of the content (Proof of work maybe requested).

There are (9) Prizes in total, (3) for each submission category. This means (1) Major prize for each category, as well as (2) Medium and (2) Minor.  MMC reserves the right to substitute any prize without notice. Prizes are awarded as-is and may not be substituted for cash or otherwise, except by MMC as listed herein. Due to an increase in difficulty creating themes for the S/NES classics, the prizes awarded may have a value greater then those of the PlayStation Classic.

NES Classic Prizes:
– 1st Prize: PlayStation Classic System (*See Below for more info.)
– 2nd Prize: Super Storage Rev 3 by echo10
– 3rd Prize: Powered USB OTG Hub w/Card Reader

SNES Classic:
– 1st Prize: PlayStation Classic System (*See Below for more info.)
– 2nd Prize: Super Storage Rev 3 by echo10
– 3rd Prize: Powered USB OTG Hub w/Card Reader

PlayStation Classic:
– 1st Prize: DIY Controller Mod Kit by viral_dna (No Soldering Required, Includes MicroSD Card!)
– 2nd Prize: USB Wireless Adapter for PS classic edition
– 3rd Prize: Powered USB OTG Hub w/Card Reader

*The Winner of the PlayStation Classic system will also have the option to request the following FREE upgrades;

USB Current Limit Mod
– Pre-Installation of the latest BleemSync build
(For obvious legal reasons no additional games will be added to the system)

Huge thanks to pathartl of echo10 for supplying the Super Storage Rev 3 boards, Advokaten for his generous donation of Steam Gift Cards, and viral_dna for supplying the rest of the great prizes listed above. Special thanks to ThanosRD for his role in preparation and setting up of the necessary discord settings, and the rest of the MMC gang for their continued support. Also a massive shout out to everyone that made the long awaited BleemSync 1.1 possible!

And last but not least to all of our discord users for helping grow our community to well over 10,000 users now!

Submitting a theme for the competition:

Simply submit your theme using the form below, we’ll then post your theme in the #competition channel of our Discord server for users to vote on.

Submitted themes should have have at minimum 1 preview image. We suggest using imur to host the image.

Submissions MUST be received on or before, but no later then 11:59pm PDT July 25th, 2019 (CLOSED!).
Voting will end at the close of the competition sometime on August 15th 2019
PDT (Pacific Daylight Time) / UTC/GMT -7 hours

Winners to be announced on our news page  as well as our discord channel in #announcements.

Below you will find a few resources to help get you started, you can find more inspiration by browsing the subs r/miniSNESmods, r/ClassicMods and r/PlayStationClassic

We look forward to seeing your creations! Good luck and Have fun!

Theme Resources

NES Classic:
Checkout this Virtual Boy theme by BigDogz75
Download Here

SNES Classic:
Here are some great examples of SNES Classic themes to help spark your imagination!

Checkout the F.A.Q. on r/miniSNESmods for SNES Classic Theme resources. There’s tons of great information in these related posts as well as the comments.

Sony PlayStation Classic:
PlayStation Classic Theme Template
Filesize: 10.8MB
Note: .pre files can be edited using the FREE software Notepad++




:heart: – MMC